CocoUs Charcoal 36 pieces 25mm Cubes


  • 20 packs per case.
  • CocoUS hookah coals are 100% natural, made from coconut shells with no chemicals that impact the flavor of your shisha
  • Long-lasting burn, with 4 times more burn time than quick light coals
  • Dense and produces less powdery ash, with ash deposits under 2%
  • Odorless, tasteless, and strong, with 36 pieces per box, each weighing 1.1 lbs or 500 g

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Product Description

CocoUs Hookah Charcoal: Get the Best Hookah Experience

Get the best hookah experience with CocoUs hookah charcoal. CocoUs hookah coals are made from 100% natural coconut shells, with zero chemicals, ensuring that they have no impact on the flavor of your shisha.

Long-lasting Burn

CocoUs hookah charcoal burn 4 times longer than quick light coals, meaning you will need less coals per smoke session. This not only saves you money in the long term, but it also provides a more consistent and longer-lasting burn for your hookah sessions.

Less Messy Ash

CocoUs coconut briquettes are more dense and produce far less powdery ash compared to other hookah coals. With ash deposits under 2%, you can enjoy your hookah without the mess and hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Odorless and Tasteless

CocoUs coconut briquettes are odorless and tasteless, providing a pure and natural smoking experience. They are also strong and won’t break if you accidentally drop them, making them a durable and long-lasting option for your hookah sessions.

36 Pieces per Package

Each package of CocoUs coconut briquettes contains 36 pieces, weighing 500g. The master case contains 20 packs of 500g. The dimensions of each briquette are 1″ x 1″ x 1″ (25mm x 25mm x 25mm). Please note that CocoUs coconut briquettes are not quick lighting and require standard charcoal lighting techniques.

Get Your CocoUs Hookah Charcoal Today

Get the best hookah experience with CocoUs hookah charcoal. Order now and enjoy the benefits of a natural, long-lasting, and mess-free option for your hookah sessions. Get yours today from Hookah Merch!

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