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3 Kings Charcoal: The Ultimate Hookah Solution

Experience the Best in Hookah Charcoal with Three Kings

3 Kings Charcoal is a well-known brand in the hookah world, offering top-notch quick lighting hookah coals that are manufactured in Holland. These coals are known for their clean burn and quality, providing an unrivaled hookah experience for smokers.

Easy to Use and Convenient

Just like other brands of quick lighting hookah coals, 3 Kings charcoal are easily lit with a cigarette lighter or torch lighter and are fully lit in less than a minute. This makes it an ideal choice for smokers who want a quick setup and convenient hookah session.

Variety of Presentations

Three Kings offers a variety of presentations to cater to different hookah needs. You can choose from the classic 33mm presentation, the 40mm presentation, the coconut presentation, or the ring presentation. Each presentation provides a unique hookah experience, making Three Kings the ultimate hookah solution.

Long-lasting Burn

This product contains 1 box (100 pieces) of 33mm quality hookah charcoal that will stay lit up to 45 minutes. This ensures that you can enjoy your hookah for longer without having to worry about the coal going out.

The Best Choice for Hookah Lovers

Whether you’re an avid smoker of hookah pipes or run a hookah lounge, Three Kings charcoals are the perfect choice for you. With its high-quality and convenience, Three Kings charcoal is sure to provide you with the best hookah experience possible.

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