Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl


  • Contemporary phunnel design
  • Enhances airflow and flavor
  • Excellent heat retention for long-lasting sessions
  • Suitable for modern hookah enthusiasts

Product Description

Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl

Discover the efficiency of modern smoking with the Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl. Ideal for smokers who prioritize performance and style in their hookah accessories.

Characteristics of Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl

The Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl features a contemporary design with a focus on enhancing airflow and flavor. Its construction offers excellent heat retention, leading to a smooth and long-lasting smoking experience.

Why Choose Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl?

Opting for the Fox Phunnel Hookah Bowl is great for those who seek a stylish, efficient, and practical bowl. It’s designed to satisfy the needs of modern hookah enthusiasts.