Cyril Bowl Thor XL

  • Large capacity for extended sessions
  • Robust design with even heat distribution
  • Ideal for experienced smokers and groups
  • Perfect for long-lasting smoking enjoyment

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Product Description

Cyril Bowl Thor XL

Introducing the Cyril Bowl Thor XL, a larger-than-life hookah bowl for those who crave extended and intense smoking sessions. This bowl is designed for enthusiasts who demand size and performance.

Characteristics of Cyril Bowl Thor XL

The Cyril Bowl Thor XL boasts a significantly larger capacity, ideal for longer smoking sessions without frequent shisha refills. Its robust design ensures even heat distribution, providing a consistent and satisfying smoking experience.

Why Choose Cyril Bowl Thor XL?

Opting for the Cyril Bowl Thor XL means selecting a bowl that excels in both size and functionality. It’s perfect for experienced smokers or groups who enjoy longer, uninterrupted hookah sessions.