Cyril Bowl Thor – 6 pack


  • Six unique designs for versatility
  • Optimal performance for diverse smoking experiences
  • Great for hosting or personal use
  • Suitable for various shisha types and preferences

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Product Description

Cyril Bowl Thor - 6 pack

The Cyril Bowl Thor - 6 pack offers a collection of meticulously crafted bowls, perfect for hookah enthusiasts who love variety and quality in their smoking accessories.

Characteristics of Cyril Bowl Thor - 6 pack

This set includes six different Cyril Bowl Thor designs, each with unique features and aesthetics. The bowls are constructed for optimal performance, ensuring a diverse range of smoking experiences for every occasion.

Why Choose Cyril Bowl Thor - 6 pack?

Opting for the Cyril Bowl Thor - 6 pack is ideal for those who appreciate having a selection of bowls to suit various types of shisha and smoking preferences. It’s an excellent choice for hosting sessions or personal enjoyment.