• Cleaner for Acrylic and Silicone Pipes.
  • 1 Minute Clean.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable.

Product Description

Original Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner

Keeping your smoking accessories clean is essential to ensure that they last longer and provide a smooth smoking experience. The Original Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner is an effective cleaner that removes all the residue and buildup from your pipes.


It’s a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner that works quickly and easily to remove residue from your pipes. It’s safe on all types of pipes and accessories, including glass, metal, wood, and acrylic.

Clean Technology

Formula 420 has AbrasivAction™ shake clean technology which means it cleans as you shake it around the pipe. After you do that, you can enjoy your clean and fresh-scented smoking pipe.

Easy to Use

Simply fill the bowl with water up to where you want it filled (the line in the middle) then drop in one drop of Original Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner per ounce of water added. You can also add more drops if needed for tougher cleaning jobs or if you have a large amount of residue buildup inside your piece (you’ll know when).

Then you just have to soak your pipe in the solution, and it will come out looking brand new.

High Quality

Formula 420 is one of the most respected brands for cleaning your smoking pipes. In only a minute, you can take a really dirty water pipe and make it look brand new again! There is no more hassle of scrubbing or waiting hours for your formula to soak in.

In conclusion, this Pipe Cleaner is essential for any serious smoker. It’s made of high-quality clean technology and is perfect for enhancing your smoking experience.

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