• 300 Per Box
  • Size 1 1/4
  • Ultra Thin Rice Papers

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Product Description

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers 1 1/4

Introducing Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers 1 1/4 – the go-to choice for smoke shop enthusiasts who value purity and finesse. These exceptional rolling papers offer a remarkable smoking experience, and here’s why they deserve a special place in your collection.

Crafted from all-natural rice paper, Elements Ultra Thin 1 1/4 Papers provide a clean and smooth burn that lets you fully appreciate the flavors of your chosen herbs or tobacco. Their ultra-thin design ensures minimal interference with the taste, delivering an unparalleled smoking sensation.

When you choose Elements, you’re also opting for a product that embraces sustainability. These papers are made from sustainable materials, giving you the peace of mind that you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.

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