• 300ml
  • Butane fluid made for Clipper brand lighters
  • 12ct Display
  • 7x refined

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Product Description

Clipper Butane 7x Gas

Clipper Butane is the only butane you should trust to refill your Clipper lighters, or any lighter, for that matter. This extremely pure, high-quality butane is 7X refined, and some of the highest-quality butane is currently available on the market today, a great investment for anyone who uses butane-powered devices.

High-Quality Butane Gas

Clipper Butane 7x Gas is made of high-quality butane gas that ensures a consistent and reliable flame. This butane gas is perfect for refilling lighters, torches, and other butane-powered devices.


Clipper Butane 7x Gas is designed with safety in mind. It comes with a child-resistant mechanism that ensures that children can’t accidentally use it. Additionally, the nozzle is designed to prevent any leaks, ensuring that the gas is used safely.


This pack contains 12 cans of butane gas, which means that it will last for a long time. Each can contains 7x refined butane gas, which is more pure and efficient than regular butane gas.

Easy to Use

Clipper Butane 7x Gas is easy to use. Simply attach the nozzle to the device that needs to be refilled, and press down on the canister. The gas will flow into the device, refilling it with a consistent and reliable flame.

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