• Make all the homies jealous with this insanely cool hookah!
  • Comes as a complete hookah kit
  • Wide base made from tempered glass
  • Stainless steel downstream
  • 1 hose port
  • Includes a FREE Bluetooth speaker!
  • Colored accents
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Product Description

DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose

After a rendezvous with the DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose, it’s no doubt that the homies will chase you down to host all hookah sessions from there on!

The DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose has got all your hookah session essentials covered – music included. The DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose is a complete hookah kit that is loaded with a Bluetooth speaker to level up your hookah session to feature your favorite songs and playlists.

This 1-hose hookah features a wide base crafted from tempered glass to give your smoke the perfect space to filter and diffuse before it hits the dome! Standing at a height of 26″, this DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose is the large hookah you’ve been waiting to flaunt to all neighbors, bystanders, and homies.

Not only is the Kalthoum grand in size, but it’s pretty grand in functionality as well! To make filtration even better, the DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose’s generous stainless steel downstem is vast in size to make sure that all hits are full of shisha tobacco flavor that is refreshing, smooth, and easy on the draw as you inhale!

You can find the DUD Husic Hookah Kalthoum 1 Hose outfitted in colored accents on its glass base, stem, Bluetooth speaker, and matching hose in your choice of 2 colors to make your smoke sessions truly one of a kind and personalized to you.

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