Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm


  • Generous 11-16mm diameter for substantial smoke flow
  • Durable and flexible for various session intensities
  • Soft touch feel for enhanced grip comfort
  • Suitable for both casual and intense hookah users
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Product Description

Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm

Enhance your hookah experience with the Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm, a perfect blend of softness and robust smoke flow for a satisfying session.

Characteristics of Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm

Boasting a diameter of 11-16mm, this hose allows for a more substantial smoke flow while maintaining the soft touch feel. Its flexibility and durability make it an excellent choice for both casual and intense hookah sessions.

Why Choose Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm?

Choose the Hose Soft Touch 11-16mm if you desire a hose that offers both a generous smoke flow and a comfortable, durable grip for a consistently enjoyable hookah experience.