Coconite Charcoal 1kg/72pcs


  • High-quality coconut shell charcoal
  • 72 pieces per box for extended sessions
  • Minimal ash production
  • Easy ignition and steady heat

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Product Description

Coconite Charcoal 1kg/72pcs

Upgrade your hookah sessions with Coconite Charcoal 1kg/72pcs, the perfect choice for a longer-lasting and flavorful smoking experience.

Characteristics of Coconite Charcoal 1kg/72pcs

Coconite Charcoal is crafted from high-quality coconut shells, ensuring a clean and consistent burn. Each box contains 72 pieces of charcoal, providing you with numerous enjoyable hookah sessions. With minimal ash production and a longer burn time, you can focus on the rich flavors of your shisha or tobacco. Coconite Charcoal ignites easily and maintains a steady heat, making it an ideal choice for hookah enthusiasts.

Why Choose Coconite Charcoal 1kg/72pcs?

Choose Coconite Charcoal for its exceptional quality and performance. Enjoy extended smoking sessions with clean-burning charcoal, enhancing the flavors of your hookah blends. With 72 pieces per box, you'll be well-prepared for countless memorable hookah experiences.