Cyril Bowl Sniper


  • Sleek design with high-quality materials
  • Superior heat management for even smoke
  • Enhances flavor of shisha
  • Excellent for precision-focused smokers

Product Description

Cyril Bowl Sniper

Introducing the Cyril Bowl Sniper, a hookah bowl designed for precision and excellence. This bowl is for those who seek a top-notch smoking experience with a focus on detail and quality.

Characteristics of Cyril Bowl Sniper

The Cyril Bowl Sniper features a sleek design and is made from high-quality materials. It provides superior heat management, ensuring an even and satisfying smoke, perfect for enhancing the flavor of your shisha.

Why Choose Cyril Bowl Sniper?

Opting for the Cyril Bowl Sniper means selecting a bowl known for its precision and quality. It’s an ideal choice for smokers who demand the best from their hookah accessories, both in terms of style and functionality.