• High quality with thick walls.
  • Custom-made seal.

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Large Jar Glass with Glass Top

All Cannaline jars are manufactured using our proprietary custom molds. Unlike other “stash jars” they are not re-packaged, off-the-shelf candle jars. Cannaline jars are high quality with thick walls and a custom-made seal designed for ease of use while maintaining an air-tight seal.

The Large Jar Glass with Glass Top is perfect for storing a large number of dried herbs or personal items. It is made of high-quality glass and has a glass top that seals tightly, ensuring that your herbs stay fresh and free from moisture.

Not only do these glass jars look great, but they are also highly functional. Each jar is designed to fit perfectly on shelves or countertops, making it easy to access your herbs. And the airtight lid seals in freshness to keep herbs tasting like the day you bought them.

Glass jars with glass tops are elegant and stylish, allowing you to store items without compromising the look of your space. Unlike plastic containers, these jars don’t contain any chemical components and there’s no need to worry about any leaching into your items.

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