• Made with the finest, purest organic hemp.
  • Unbleached, unrefined and vegan friendly.
  • Perfect for crafting slow-burning, natural smoke.
  • Perfect for all types of smokers.

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Product Description

Raw Organic Hemp 1 ½ Rolling Paper X 25

RAW Organic is made from organically grown* chlorine-free pure hemp and is processed in an eco-friendly manner. The result is a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slowly and extra clean. Another exceptional product from RAW.

The taste of RAW Organic is unlike anything you have experienced. It is a clean-tasting smoke that is best described as natural, light, and pure. Finally, we can all smoke an ORGANIC rolling paper made from pure hemp!  Each paper is watermarked with RAW’s proprietary CrissCross Imprint.  This special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn.

Organically Sourced Hemp

A key factor of Raw Organic Hemp 1 ½ Rolling Paper X 25 is that its hemp is sourced organically. By using organic hemp, the rolling paper delivers the highest quality smoking experience possible since the plant is free from agricultural pesticides. The sheets also provide a smoother and overall more enjoyable experience while you’re rolling and smoking.

Ultra Thin Design

Another factor to bear in mind is that it features ultra-thin paper which is significantly thinner than standard rolling paper. This ultra-thin construction means that you can get more exposure to the flavor and smell of the natural hemp while you’re rolling and smoking. The paper also ensures a slow, consistent burn and will keep the smoke intact without unraveling or loosening.

Naturally Non-GMO

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Raw Organic Hemp 1 ½ Rolling Paper X 25 is that it is non-genetically modified. Not only does this mean that there are no artificial ingredients, but it also offers a healthier and more natural smoking experience since the hemp is free from any artificial chemicals or unwanted additions. This non-GMO product allows you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the hemp in its natural form, providing an unmatched smoking experience each and every time.

If you’re looking for a premium smoking experience, the Raw Organic Hemp 1 ½ Rolling Paper X 25 offers the best of both worlds. Not only are the papers organic, ultra-thin, and non-GMO, but they come in sets of twenty-five, giving you plenty of sheets to keep you smoking in style. So, whether you’re looking to start or upgrade your rolling paper collection, these organic papers are sure to deliver.

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