• Perfect for making your own cigarettes.
  • High-quality material paper.
  • Burn consistently and evenly.
  • Supreme size with long-lasting paper.
  • Comes with a natural, vegan-friendly gum line.
  • Classic design with a RAW logo on the front.

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Product Description

RAW Classic King Size Supreme Rolling Paper

Cradle your legal blends in the highest quality, all-natural rolling papers available today; the RAW Connoisseur King Size Slim with Tips. These king-sized, unbleached RAW papers include the tips needed to make a sturdy, filtered, and smooth smokeable all together in one convenient pack. Enjoy the finer things in life, as a connoisseur should, with these refined rolling papers! Each pack contains 32 leaves and 32 tips, and a full box contains 24 packs.
Whether you are an experienced smoker or a novice, these popular rolling papers have a loyal following that can attest to their top-quality. Here are the characteristics that make these rolling papers so desirable.

Great Combustibility

RAW Classic King Size Supreme Rolling Papers have an excellent combustibility that makes them easy to light, and then easy to hold a steady flame. This benefit is especially important for smokers who want to make sure their tobacco or herbs burn the right way and smoke evenly.

Unlike other papers that need a lot of re-lighting, you can trust the burning consistency of RAW Classic papers to not go out until the very end.

Thin and Natural

These rolling papers are made of natural unbleached fibers, without any additives, to assure smokers of a pure and unadulterated smoke. The fibers are very thin, which allows a natural flavor and easy manipulation of the paper.

The size of the rolling papers also helps increase airflow and make for an even burn.

A Great Variety of Sizes

RAW Classic offers king-size and supreme-size rolling papers for different smokers’ needs. The king-size rolling papers are the perfect option for recreational smokers, or those looking to get the best out of their smoking experience. The supreme-size rolling paper is for those who prefer a size for filling with more foliage.

The price of these rolling papers is also very affordable, so anyone can enjoy the smoking experience provided.


RAW Classic is committed to creating all their products with respect for the environment. They use chlorine-free processes to create their rolling papers, and they never use bleach or other chemicals. Because their rolling papers are made of unbleached fibers, they are biodegradable and sustain the environment, too.

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