• Green Monkey Patas Grinder – 50mm – 4 Piece.
  • Strong magnet middle base ensures herbs stay in place while grinding.
  • Easy to open and close.
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Product Description

Green Monkey Grinder Patas – 50MM

A unique, high-quality grinder. Awesome coned grinding chamber for maximum grinding power. Green Monkey Grinders are the perfect addition to your storefront.

High-Quality Design

The Green Monkey Patas – 50 MM grinder is one of the most stylish and attractive grinders currently available on the market. Its slim body and vivid green color combine to create a sleek and modern look. The grinder is constructed out of anodized aluminum, which helps prevent rust and corrosion. Plus, the grinding chamber has a special surface coating that enables it to provide a consistent grind every time.

Precise Configuration

This grinder is designed to provide a precise and consistent grind, thanks to its well-engineered construction. It features diamond-shaped teeth which provide a perfect cut when grinding your herbs. The bottom side of the grinder has a pollen catcher which ensures the pollen created when grinding is collected, making cleanup a lot easier.

Ease of Use

Using the Green Monkey Patas – 50mm grinder is simple and straightforward. The lid is held in place with a neodymium magnet, making it easy to open and close. Since the grinder is designed to be manually operated, it doesn’t require any batteries or power to operate. This makes it perfect for when you’re on the go, or don’t want to be bothered with cords and outlets.

Durable Build Quality

It’s constructed to stand the test of time. The anodized aluminum body helps prevent oxidation and corrosion, and the grinding teeth are made from heat-treated steel for strength and durability. All of these components combine to create a grinder that is built to last.

For those looking for a stylish and reliable grinder, the Green Monkey Patas – 50mm grinder is the ideal choice. It has a modern design, precise configuration, easy to operate, and durable build quality, making it the perfect addition.

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