Material: Zinc alloy
Size: 50mm
Parts: 3-layer
Teeth: shark
Size: 50mm
Color: red, green, black, blue
Packing: 12 pcs

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Product Description

Pack of 12 Gem Grinders 2″ x 12 – Assorted Colors

If you’re looking for an efficient and fun way to grind your herbs and spices, then look no further than the Pack of 12 Gem Grinders 2″ x 12.

These grinders boast a classic design with sturdy aluminum construction and a beautiful chrome finish. Their top layer is made of clear polycarbonate, which makes them easy to clean and use. They are also lightweight yet durable, and they are designed not to slip while you are grinding.

The Pack of 12 Gem Grinders comes in an assortment of colors which include red, blue, and green. This variety allows you to pick out the one that you like the best, or use it as an opportunity to have a completely unique set of grinders.

The grinders have diamond-shaped teeth to help you grind your herbs and spices more efficiently and easily. The grinding chamber is thoughtfully arranged in a radial pattern to allow for more thorough grinding.

Not only are these grinding tools efficient, but they are also silent. No more have to worry about your neighbors being disturbed by the noise, as these silent grinders are perfect for at-home use.

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