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Product Description

Georgia Peach Ice 50g: A Refreshing Southern Delight

Embrace the charm of the South with Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco’s Georgia Peach Ice 50g. This exquisite shisha tobacco captures the authentic taste of juicy Georgia peaches, perfectly ripened and infused with a refreshing hint of ice, offering a cool, soothing smoking experience. The fine quality of Al Fakher tobacco ensures a smooth smoke, rich in flavor, delivering a blend that’s both invigorating and comforting.

Georgia Peach Ice is the epitome of refreshment

Its unique blend promises a burst of sweet peach flavor with every puff, followed by a cool aftertaste that rejuvenates the senses. Ideal for both hot summer days and cool evenings, it provides a versatile smoking experience that caters to any mood or setting.

Why Choose Georgia Peach Ice?

Choosing Georgia Peach Ice 50g means opting for a high-quality, enjoyable smoke that stands out in its flavor profile. Its perfect balance of sweetness and coolness makes it a must-have for shisha enthusiasts looking to elevate their smoking sessions with a taste of the South’s beloved fruit.

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