Magnum Hookah Tradi


  • Traditional chamber design
  • Natural wood details
  • Authentic smoking experience
  • Artistic and functional
  • For the hookah purist
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Product Description

Magnum Hookah Tradi

Embrace the essence of tradition with the Magnum Hookah Tradi. This hookah combines timeless design with classic smoking enjoyment. The Magnum Hookah Tradi is a nod to the past, perfect for purists who value the authentic hookah experience.

Characteristics of Magnum Hookah Tradi

With its traditional chamber and natural wood details, the Magnum Hookah Tradi is a piece of art. It offers a robust and flavorful smoke, reminiscent of the original hookahs of olden times.

Why Choose Magnum Hookah Tradi?

Opting for the Magnum Hookah Tradi is a statement of appreciation for the roots of hookah smoking. It is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy their shisha in its most authentic form, combining historical charm with robust performance.

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