• 18.5″ (With Bowl)
  • Made in Syria
  • Assorted Colors
  • Tong , Hose, & Bowl Included
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Product Description

This stunning hookah, proudly made in Syria, is the epitome of beauty and functionality, making it an essential addition to any smoke shop, lounge, or household.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Edgar Volcano Hookah showcases a design that seamlessly blends elegance and affordability. Its 18.5″ height makes it a perfect fit for both personal use and social gatherings, creating a captivating centerpiece that will surely impress your guests.

Despite its affordable price, this hookah doesn’t compromise on quality. The craftsmanship is impeccable, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable smoking experience. Every draw is smooth, allowing you to indulge in the full flavors of your favorite shisha blends.

Transport yourself to a world of relaxation and sophistication with the Edgar Volcano Hookah. Its easy assembly and disassembly make it convenient to use and maintain. Whether you’re a seasoned hookah enthusiast or a newcomer, this exquisite piece will elevate your smoking sessions to new heights.

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