VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in


  • Optimum comfort and style
  • Extended reach for effortless smoking
  • Sleek black design for sophistication
  • High-quality materials for hygiene and durability

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Product Description

VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in

Enhance your hookah experience with the VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in mouthtips, designed for optimum comfort and style.

Characteristics of VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in

The VYRO Fineliner mouthtips are crafted with precision to elevate your smoking sessions. Measuring 11.8 inches, these mouthtips offer a comfortable grip and extended reach, allowing you to enjoy your hookah effortlessly. Their sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to your setup. Made from high-quality materials, they provide a hygienic and enjoyable smoking experience.

Why Choose VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in?

Choose the VYRO Fineliner Black 11.8in mouthtips for their superior design and functionality. They ensure comfort, hygiene, and a stylish addition to your hookah sessions, making them an essential accessory for hookah enthusiasts.