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Short Male Hookah Tips Disposable – Enjoy a Safe and Hygienic Smoking Experience

Zebra Smoke Mouth Tips – Designed for Comfort and Safety

Contoured to fit the shape of your mouth, Zebra Smoke Mouth Tips are designed for a pleasurable, fun, and safe smoking experience. Available in Male type, these tips are perfect for use with a group of people, ensuring maximum hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

100-Count Bag of Hookah Mouth Tips

Our Hookah Mouth Tips come in a 100-count bag, making it easy to hand them out to guests and ensure a clean and safe smoking experience for everyone. These disposable tips are a must-have for hookah lounges, bars, and individual users.

Prevent the Spread of Germs

Using our Hookah Mouth Tips is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and maintain a healthy smoking environment. Simply place the tip on the hose and enjoy a clean and hygienic smoking experience.

Order Your Hookah Tips Disposable Today

Don’t compromise on hygiene and safety during your hookah sessions. Order your Hookah Tips Disposable today and enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience. Contact us for more information on bulk orders and pricing.

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