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Product Description

MYA long male mouth tip

Hygienic and Convenient Design

The mya long male mouth tip is engineered with your hygiene and convenience at the forefront. Manufactured from durable, high-quality plastic, each mouth tip comes individually wrapped to guarantee a sterile and secure smoking experience every time. This careful packaging ensures that each session starts off on a clean slate, offering peace of mind along with enhanced enjoyment.

Long and Comfortable

Unlike standard mouth tips, the mya long male mouth tip boasts an extended length for an improved smoking experience. This added length not only facilitates a more comfortable grip but also aids in cooling down the smoke before it reaches you. The result is a noticeably smoother, more pleasurable session every time you indulge.

Compatible with Various Hookah Hoses

Flexibility is a hallmark of the mya long male mouth tip, fitting seamlessly with a wide array of hookah hoses. This compatibility ensures it can become a valuable addition to any hookah enthusiast’s setup. Attaching this mouth tip to your hose is straightforward, instantly elevating your smoking experience by introducing a layer of hygiene and comfort.

Elevate Your Smoking Sessions

The mya long male mouth tip is an essential accessory for anyone who places a premium on cleanliness and comfort during their smoking ventures. Its compatibility with most hookah hoses and the option for wholesale purchase make it a practical choice for individuals and businesses alike. Opt for the mya long male mouth tips today and transform your smoking sessions into an epitome of hygienic, comfortable enjoyment.

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