Cristal Molasses Catcher


  • Prevents molasses from entering the stem
  • Transparent and durable construction
  • Compatible with various hookah models
  • Effortless installation and cleaning
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Product Description

Cristal Molasses Catcher

Maintain a clean and enjoyable hookah session with the Cristal Molasses Catcher, an essential accessory for every hookah user.

Characteristics of Cristal Molasses Catcher

This molasses catcher is designed to prevent molasses from entering the hookah stem, ensuring a smooth and flavorful smoke. Its transparent and durable construction allows you to monitor molasses buildup easily. The Cristal Molasses Catcher is compatible with various hookah models and is effortless to install and clean. Say goodbye to messy sessions and hello to a hassle-free smoking experience.

Why Choose Cristal Molasses Catcher?

Choose the Cristal Molasses Catcher for a cleaner and more enjoyable hookah experience. Its functional design and compatibility with different hookahs make it an essential addition to your setup.