Hose Soft Touch 17mm


  • Large 17mm diameter for rich smoke flow
  • Soft touch surface for comfortable grip
  • Ideal for serious hookah aficionados
  • Luxurious and robust smoking experience
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Product Description

Hose Soft Touch 17mm

Embrace the ultimate in smoking luxury with the Hose Soft Touch 17mm, crafted for those who demand excellence in their hookah experience.

Characteristics of Hose Soft Touch 17mm

This premium hose features a large 17mm diameter, ensuring a rich and smooth smoke flow. Coupled with its soft touch surface, it provides an unparalleled comfortable grip, making it a top choice for serious hookah aficionados.

Why Choose Hose Soft Touch 17mm?

Select the Hose Soft Touch 17mm for its superior smoke flow and exceptional comfort. It's perfect for those who seek a robust and luxurious hookah session.