Cyril Flavour Saver


  • Heat management device for flavor preservation
  • Prevents direct contact between charcoal and shisha
  • Compatible with most hookah bowls
  • Extends shisha lifespan for longer sessions

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Product Description

Cyril Flavour Saver

Extend the life of your shisha and enhance your hookah sessions with the Cyril Flavour Saver, a heat management accessory designed for perfection.

Characteristics of Cyril Flavour Saver

The Cyril Flavour Saver is a heat management device (HMD) that prevents direct contact between the charcoal and shisha. It maintains a consistent temperature, allowing the flavors of your shisha to shine while preventing overheating and harsh sessions. Compatible with most hookah bowls, this accessory is a game-changer for flavor preservation. Elevate your hookah experience and savor the true essence of your shisha with the Cyril Flavour Saver.

Why Choose Cyril Flavour Saver?

Opt for the Cyril Flavour Saver if you're a flavor enthusiast who wants to enjoy longer, tastier hookah sessions. Say goodbye to burnt shisha and hello to rich, flavorful clouds.