Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg


  • High-quality coconut shell charcoal
  • Minimal ash production for a clean hookah
  • 1kg pack size ensures an ample supply
  • 26mm size fits most hookah configurations

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Product Description

Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg

Experience exceptional heat management with Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg, the perfect choice for consistent and long-lasting coal for your hookah.

Characteristics of Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg

Narine Coco Charcoal is made from premium coconut shells, providing a steady and even burn throughout your hookah session. The 26mm size is designed to fit most hookah setups, ensuring reliable heat for extended periods. These coals have minimal ash production, keeping your hookah clean and preserving the pure flavor of your shisha. With a generous 1kg pack, you'll have an abundant supply for numerous enjoyable sessions.

Why Choose Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg?

Opt for Narine Coco Charcoal 26 mm 1kg if you seek consistent and long-lasting heat management for your hookah. These premium coals are favored by hookah enthusiasts who appreciate an uninterrupted and flavorful smoking experience.